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Windows Virus & Why I use Ubuntu Instead

This is becoming a frequent activity for me. Scanning wifes computer for viruses. She has been adamant about using her Windows laptop, ripe with all sorts of problems. She is an accountant so her need for MS Office and MS Money have been the crippling factor as to why she wont make the switch. Recently, as she was shutting down her computer, some program would not shut down. Its was called... "Spy Eyes" (on further investigation Spy Eyes is a trojan that breaks into internet connections and grabs bank account info). WOW. I have never have this problem in the 5 years of using Ubuntu. This is not the first time this has happened to my wife either.

Upon finding out about this virus, I rebooted into Ubuntu on her computer. Luckily I have it as a dual boot in case I ever needed to use her computer, but she never uses Ubuntu on it. After rebooting into Ubuntu I immediately installed ClamTK Virus Scanner. Its free. I updated all the definitions. I ran the virus scan on the entire Windows side of the computer. Every last file. It took about 7 hours. When I woke up Sunday morning my view was of the screenshot above. ELEVEN viruses found. I quarantined them all. Then I thought, what the heck so I deleted them all.

The Windows side is fine without any viruses (for now). I had a talk with my wife yesterday about finally making the switch to Ubuntu. She doesnt have time. Shes too busy. Its a burden to switch. etc. I dropped it and we went about our day.

As we were out yesterday I received a call from our bank. FRAUD ALERT. YOUR ACCOUNT HAS BEEN COMPROMISED. I called back to find out what was going on. It turns out someone went on a shopping spree with our credit card info, charging more than $500 yesterday on it.

Maybe NOW is the time for her to switch to Ubuntu?