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Full Circle Ubuntu Magazine issue 58

Issue #58 of the Full Circle Ubuntu Magazine has arrived! You definitely need to get this issue. The continuing articles about all of the functional capabilities you can do with LibreOffice are incredible. Its almost like taking a class... great info in there. A walk through on turning your office into a paperless office. Not sure If Im ready for that as I love to have carbon copies of everything in safe. A decent review of Linux Mint inside this issue and a couple great reviews of some interesting games too: Dead Cyborg and also Warzone Earth.

Here is what else you will find this month...

  • Command and Conquer.
  • How-To : Beginning Python – Part 30, LibreOffice – Part 12, Backup Strategy – Part 6, Screencast Your Desktop, and The Paperless Office.
  • Linux Lab – Useful Investigative Tools.
  • Review – Linux Mint 12
  • I Think – Which Mobile OS.
  • Closing Windows – Formatting a USB Device
  • plus: more Ubuntu Games, My Desktop, My Opinion, My Story, and much much more!


Today, over at OMG UBUNTU - I stated my point. Following that everyone seemed to chime in on the topic. At the heart of the debate was the fact Linux Mint changed the Banshee Amazon MP3 affiliate code to that of its own, taking 100% of the profits instead of splitting them.

I admit I was harsh with my words saying I didnt trust Mint any longer, they cant be trusted from this point on, and I straight up called them a liar.

Im not going to back down from my comments. Changing an affiliate code is like stealing. Hiding the fact that they changed the code is like a lie. While I was harsh yes, I still feel like: steal = lie = liar. I am sure Clement is a nice guy and I meant no direct harm to him. Heck I have not even met him. If someone didnt call him out, if the community didnt step up and report this whole incident in the first place it would have kept going. It would have flowered and other people would do the same sort of thing.

Sometimes you have to take a stand which I did, and in today's world people dont take a stand for anything. Everything is "fine", "nothing is wrong", and "all will be OK". And maybe that is the problem with this world and the problems it now faces. No one likes the truth as it hurts. When someone I like tells me "Dave, you are a sorry fat slob".... you know? It hurts me. Hurts me a lot. I will not talk to that person for a day or two. But deep down, I know they are right. I bought a gym membership months ago and I cant remember the last time I went. Therefore, as bad as it sounds I AM A SORRY FAT SLOB. Truth hurts doesnt it?

Clement, no harm no foul man. You have done great things for the linux community and I applaud you. But, Im also glad the news broke that you changed the affiliate code, because now you are going to share. Right on.

Yes, I can be an ass sometimes. And I like to point out when someone is dead wrong. And.... and I need to go to the gym now.