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How to Encrypt Folders


How to Encrypt Folders

For those of you who are concerned about three letter agencies or anyone else… CryptKeeper works great. You can install it by finding it in the Ubuntu Software Center or via the terminal window using:

sudo apt-get install cryptkeeper

To launch CryptKeeper, find it by clicking the Ubuntu icon at the top left and searching for it. Once you open the app it will put a little key symbol on your top panel.

To create an encrypted protected folder, click on the Cryptkeeper key applet and select “New Encrypted Folder”

Input a folder name and where to save the folder (maybe in your Home folder? or on your Desktop?) and then click the “Forward” button.

The next screen will ask you to input the password you will use to unlock the folder each time you mount it. Then, click the “Forward” button.

Your new encrypted folder will be created and will be ready to use!


Any time you want to access your encrypted folder, click on the CryptKeeper key applet on the top panel and select the folder you want.

It will ask you to type your password to mount it.


You can unmount the folder also by going to thr key applet and unchecking the folder.

Theres also a few options in the applet such as deleting the folder all together or changing its password.

The program is a little tricky in that your encrypted folder will auto unmount after a few minutes. Once it does, the folder will still look mounted, but appear blank if you go into it. It might be confusing at first but you’ll get used to it. Personally, I like to go into the CryptKeeper preferences and change the “unmount after idle” setting to 60 minutes. This forces me to mount or unmount manually.

This is a great program if you dont like to encrypt your entire /home folder when installing Ubuntu.

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