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Brave Browser on Ubuntu


Brave Browser on Ubuntu

Brendan Eich, one of the co-founders of the Mozilla project (Firefox browser) is developing a new web browser promising to block intrusive ads and 3rd party trackers. Enter BRAVE built for Linux, Windows, OSX, iOS and Android…

Brave’s browser, still in early development, speeds up web pages by stripping out not just ads but also other page elements that track online behavior and web elements used to deliver ads. By removing advertisements and trackers, Braves browser will speed up page loading considerably. It loads pages 2x to 4x faster than other smart phone browsers & up to 2x faster than other browsers for personal computers.

Blocking ads however could be a challenge for the Brave team as advertising helps fund websites and bloggers content. The browsers work around is to eventually display new ads from their own pool of advertisers and connect Bitcoin as a method for users to pay website owners directly for the content users are viewing for free. Its a new way of doing things for sure and could disrupt Googles ad network which is Googles biggest source of revenue.

Brave has been built out of the open source Chromium browser, which is the foundation for Google’s Chrome browser. An interesting choice considering Brave is essentially trying to take market cap away from Google. Has Eich and his Brave team averted the ad blocking war or created a new style war?

All of Braves source packages have been made available on GitHub. We managed to compile it on Ubuntu 16.04, but ran into problems. The GitHub page includes a readme file for installation however its really incomplete right now as of 1/22/16. We also ran into problems with the newest version of Node.js 5.xx not being supported by our newest version of Ubuntu. However, installation of Node.js 5.xx may work fine on Ubuntu 15.10 or older, thus getting the Brave browser installed on Ubuntu.

Keep your eyes open on their GitHub for updated installation information such as DEB files or PPAs for an easier way to install Brave.

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I am a linux user for over 10 years and Ubuntu linux is my only operating system. I originally made the jump from Windows to Ubuntu and open source back in early 2007 (using Ubuntu 6.10) for privacy and virus concerns.


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