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How to Watch the 2018 World Cup Games for FREE


How to Watch the 2018 World Cup Games for FREE

Everyone wants to watch the 2018 World Cup soccer games and you can do it for FREE with Ubuntu linux. Not a problem! You may need to install SNAPD first so please read through this briefly…

Ubuntu 16.04 (and derivatives): Ubuntu includes snapd by default starting with the 16.04 LTS (xenial) release. No installation steps are required and you can use snapd directly.

To watch the World Cup games on Ubuntu 16.04 or newer just install the AceStream Player with this terminal command:

sudo snap install acestreamplayer

To run for the first time, it is recommended to use the terminal:

snap run acestreamplayer

(without sudo)

The first configuration takes some time, but when it is finished the player and the server icon will appear. And also the two shortcuts (server and player) are created.

Now head over to Reddit and check out the available soccer streams and look for the game you want…

Look for an AceStream link similar to this one:


Open the AceStream Player (icon looks like this)…

….and plug your acestream link into the player by going to: “Media > Open Ace Stream Content ID” and then paste your link and then play it. Super easy!


For the older 14.04 LTS (trusty) release or any flavour (e.g. Lubuntu) which doesn’t include snapd by default, you have to install it manually from the archive using these terminal commands:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install snapd

After Snapd is installed you can then proceed to install AceStream Player.

sudo snap install acestreamplayer

Thats it!

PS… make sure this is legal in your country. Thank You and Have a Nice Day 🙂

I am a linux user for over 10 years and Ubuntu linux is my only operating system. I originally made the jump from Windows to Ubuntu and open source back in early 2007 (using Ubuntu 6.10) for privacy and virus concerns.


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