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UPDATE: Erich Hoover (the author of the Netflix Desktop App) has been graciously answering everyones questions & problems and solving any hiccups that might arise from their particular installations.

Erich is continuing to work on updates based on any install or playback problems found in the comments of our PPA article and incorporating them in new versions of the software. If your problems are not fixed by updates, the best place to report bugs is directly to the Netflix Desktop Launchpad page located here:

...and file a bug or monitor one that has been already reported. 

To install the Netflix Desktop app on Ubuntu continue to use the PPA directions found here:


Remember, the Netflix Desktop App was developed for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS or newer. If you are running an older version of Ubuntu you will need to upgrade if you want to run the Netflix app.

If you have install problems or playback problems, many times rebooting your system after install or removing the profile folder and relaunching the app fixes many issues. First give a reboot a try. If that doesnt help, try and remove the folder by opening a terminal and type:

rm -Rf ~/.netflix-desktop

Stuck on the Microsoft Fonts issue? Try this command in the terminal...
sudo apt-get install --reinstall ttf-mscorefonts-installer

Problems with video & audio sync during playback? Try this command in the terminal...

pulseaudio -k

Ive noticed on older computers, there just may not be much you can do to help the choppy video problems. One thing Ive done that has helped is to switch desktop environments. The Unity desktop on Ubuntu is a resource hog and switching to GNOME3 or Xubuntu could be an easy solution for you. You would still be using Ubuntu, just a different desktop experience.

It would also be beneficial to browse through some of the comments on our I Heart Ubuntu link above for common solutions to problems not yet implemented in the app itself.
If you continue to have problem and want to remove the app, paste this into a terminal window...

sudo apt-get remove netflix-desktop

Good Luck! Dont forget to file bugs on the Launchpad page! Its far easier to monitor problems there as opposed to 450+ comments :)

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