Create PDF from Images

The command line in Ubuntu offers simple to use apps without a graphical interface. Here is such an example.

Lets say you have 3 images you would like to convert into one PDF file. This is simple to do using the convert command.

- Put your images anywhere on your desktop.
- Open up your terminal from "Applications > Accessories".
- Now type this info in...

cd Desktop
convert *.jpg mynewfile.pdf

The "cd Desktop" switches you from your home directory to your Desktop directory. The convert command does the conversion work. "*.jpg" signifies any jpg files on your desktop will be put into the PDF file. The "mynewfile.pdf" will be the name of your PDF file. You can name it anything you want naturally. This also works great for PNG image files. Let say you scanned in 10 pages of a homework assignment using SimpleScan and wanted to make a PDF to send to a classmate. You would scan your images and save them to PNG onto your desktop. The terminal command might look something like this:

cd Desktop
convert *.png Accounting513.pdf

...and your Accounting PDF is ready to send your friend in a matter of seconds.

The possibilities with the convert command are practically endless. Here is and example of resizing your images down to 800x600 using the -resize option...

convert -resize 800x600 *jpg

and try resizing and putting them into a PDF all at once...

convert -resize 800x600 *jpg mynewfile.pdf

Simple, huh? If you want to learn more about the convert command head to the link below to read up on all the recognized image file types and tons of options ranging from resizing to color correcting, converting images to black and white and lots more...


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  1. Anonymous9:04 AM

    Thank you,

    I was looking for this for a looong time.

  2. Abhishek1:29 AM

    Thanks buddy, really helpful tip.

  3. Afdaf6:57 AM

    nice. It works quite well.