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I Heart Ubuntu was started 8 years ago as a website for linux users looking to discover both old & new apps. With over 500 articles we try to help anyone we can with usable tips & tricks.

It was back in 2011 when we started asking a serious question… “When will Netflix streaming work on linux computers?” Months after the question was asked Google announced Netflix would work on their new Chromebooks. Several months after that we created a “ChipIn” crowd funding contest for anyone who could get Netflix running native on Ubuntu. 10 months later Erich Hoover had a fix and won the prize! His easy to understand install directions worked. After that a PPA was made and not more than a year or so later Netflix worked without a need for even a PPA.

This is what can get accomplished when the linux community gets together. AWESOME STUFF!

We hope to follow and like us on your RSS readers and also Facebook & Twitter for more Ubuntu and linux related content! See you soon!


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Gourmet Recipe Manager

By February 2, 2011


APP: Hugin Panorama Creator

By November 4, 2010


Google Gadgets In Ubuntu

By October 31, 2010

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