GIMP Manual & GIMP Video Tutorial

If you have recently switched from Windows, you may have been using a painting and photo manipulation program such as Adobe Photoshop or even Paint Shop Pro. In Ubuntu you can install a free program from the Ubuntu Software Center called GIMP. GIMP works very similar to those other programs and its really powerful too. You will have a learning curve if you new or making the switch to GIMP, but with so many free tutorials out there on the internet, you'll get your task done quick and easy. There are also several GIMP books for sale on Amazon if you are serious about learning the GIMP. Here are some of our favorite GIMP links...

Online GIMP Manuals...

GIMP Video Tutorials...

60+ GIMP Video Tutorials to Turn You Into a GIMP Ninja

25 GIMP Video Tutorials To Get You Started

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